The purpose of the Twitchathon is to direct donations to bird research and conservation. This year the proceeds will go to Matt Herring’s Australian Painted-snipe project. Please encourage your sponsors to donate irrespective of what the range of your Twitch is or indeed if you cannot Twitch at all. There are no prizes for the most species seen this year, but the importance of your contributions to bird research and conservation cannot be overstated.

Two male Australian Painted-snipe feeding. Photograph by Leo Berzins –

Here are the details of the donation pathways:

  1. The BIGnet bank account is available for EFT and BPay donations as it was last year.
    The account details are as follows:
    BSB 182 222, account no. 121211833.
    The BPay biller code is 20206, ref. 121 211 833.
    Donations made through a direct transfer to the BIGnet bank account do not attract fees apart from any that your institution may charge. Please make sure that you tell your donors to put the name of your team in the EFT box. You can keep a track of donations made to your team here!
  2. The method of paying by credit card is as per last year, via a Raisely account. The link is here: Raisely. BIGnet is running the Raisely account this year because BirdLife is unable to offer us the use of their Raisely account. Unfortunately BIGnet does not have tax-deductibility status.

Donations can be made to individual teams or to the Twitchathon in general. The preferable way to donate to a team is if the team is registered with Raisely. Please register your team as soon as possible at the link above. If a team is not registered, it is still possible to donate to a team by putting the name of the team in the Message box.

Please also note that Raisely charges a small commission for us to use their fundraising platform. It defaults to adding the small commission fee to your pledged donation (“add $x to help cover our fundraising costs”). If you wish, you can deselect that option by clicking on the ticked box, in which case Raisely will deduct their fee from your donation and BIGnet will not receive the full amount of your pledged donation amount.